Art in The Landscape
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Art in The Landscape's aim is to create artworks that are stimulating, innovative and capture the public imagination. These are often external pieces, which frequently use interaction with wind and water to create movement. Our design philosophy places an emphasis on high quality materials combined with cutting-edge technology.

Our artworks have been included in schemes by many leading garden and landscape designers, both in the UK and abroad. We are also regularly reviewed in leading publications and broadcast media. To find out more about our work or to discuss a project please contact us.


Art in The Landscape was set up by Simon Percival in 1995, and originally focused on the commission-based market. The company expanded to include limited edition artworks which is now the largest and fastest growing area of the business. Our success is due to the pieces being innovative, well-designed and aesthetically pleasing.

Innovation is the main key to our success, either in the way pieces are made, or how they appear. Considerable time is spent generating new ideas, and one of Simon's commissioned projects, in conjunction with a large Italian manufacturer, is a radically new garden relaxation concept.

Part of a studio and workshop setup includes a purpose-built exhibition space where have on permanent display some of our artworks.

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