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  Commissions : Marys Abbey

The sculpture consists of an Echo water sculpture with polished aluminium teardrops. Designed for the atrium and main entrance area of a new development of barristers chambers, in Marys abbey, Little Strand St, Dublin 7.

The pool size is 6m by 9m, constructed in black granite, with a water depth of 8mm. A programmable control mechanism is used for co-ordinating the timing of the ripple sequences. The six teardrops are three different sizes, varying from 2m to 4m in length and are suspended within the 35m high atrium.

The project was commissioned by developers Benton Holdings, and realised with Architects John O’Neil and Partners, the main contractors being Laing O’Rourke.

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Marys AbbeyMarys Abbey
Marys Abbey
Marys Abbey

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Marys AbbeyMarys Abbey

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